Stephen got to be the very first speedboarder on the cover of Concrete Wave in its history. CW went on to never publish speedboarders on the cover again for years as it turned out this was the worst selling CW ever. Steve is known world-wide as being one of the most traveled and versatile skaters, he has podiums in DH and Slalom alike. He has Papua New Guinean blood in his veins which probably explains why he didn’t die last year when some jack-ass filming from a motorbike just about killed him in the middle of a race at Newton’s Playground last year.

What’s your full name?

Stephen Daddow

Where and when were you born?

DOB - 19 june 1971 in Papua New Guinea

When did you start riding skateboards?

Started riding a plastic skateboard in 1981 in Singapore

When was your first time on a longboard and what setup were you riding?

1999 I bought a Sector 9 Pintail, flat no concave and it had 180 mm Indy trucks and Sector 9 ball wheels. Anything bushing was good back then.

Who were your early downhill influences if any?

I had an old Concrete wave mag and there wasa pic of Manu and also Biker. They were pretty much the only riders know to me. I really didn't know anyone apart from them 2 guys, and I wanted to race against them. They had stop riding.

Best spot you skated?

Europe freeriding in 2005 for German Playboy. Not sure where but it was all once off

What is your ideal session like?

It would consist of about 10 crew not racing but riding close and fast on a road with some good turns to bust out some slide and to be able to rail it fast .

Who’s your favorite rider to watch on video?

Riders to watch would be Darryl Freeeman, P Swiss, Lui Polloni,  James Kelly, Dula, Rimer. I like to watch the Pro's

Do you have a blog or website?, shoot the url:

I am looking at getting a website as I would like to skate for life and I'm sure it will help.

What percentage your Facebook friends you have never met?

Well I got on FB a few years ago and after my second year to Europe and 95 % of my friends there are skaters, but I think I have only met about 300 at a guess. I get new skater friends everyday.

Favorite meal?

My favorite meal would have to be fruit and then chocolate but I eat more chocolate then anyone..  Good food make you happy.

Favorite beer?

Favorite beer has to come from Germany. So many really good beers from there! Hellas I think it was called.

What music makes you want to go skate?

Punk Rock and Roll. Something that will stand the test of time and be there in 10 years. 70's, 80's music kick ass !!!!! 

Any musical guilty pleasure you are ashamed of?

I have 4 guitars, drums, and a few other music toys in the house, but most of it is for Guitar hero. Weather you like it or not, it's fun when the crew is over and if you can't play real guitar then your gonna think your ripping on this thing!

Can you drop in a vert ramp?

I can drop into a vert ramp and do enjoying riding them. I don't ride the best but can do a grind and a few small airs. I think Vert is King !!! but you really need big balls there !!!

What is your favorite setup right now and why?

Apart from my Kebbek set up with my Aera trucks I love to ride around this old board I had which I cut up to about 900 mm. It's a top mount with randal and 70 mm wheels. It is small and compact to take to the shops and or the surf check.

What’s that little thing you do to your setups that makes them feel way better?

I think changing your bushings help make the boards feel more responsive and drive better. I get the groms to change my setups when they come over. I really hatefiddling around with my set ups, I just like to get on and go!

What's the best race you've attended and why?

Hot Heels 2003 in Kaunatal, Austria. This was my first World-Championships, the place where I met a lot of great friends that I shared a lot of good times. It would be the Last of the Hot Heels there after 12 years and the only year it didn't rain.  This track had everything you wanted ina race track. Brin it Back I say !!!

Anyone you want to thank?

I like to thank everyone along the way that has made an impression on me and my life. I been skating three quarters of my life and plane to live my live out a skater and one day bring great joy to others and share the awesome stoke of longboarding and skateboarding in general. 

Big thanks to my mate Jeremy Rogers from Early Skateboards, mum, Mike Z, Stuart Bradburn, Renki and the Fibretec crew, yourkDertinger, Stephan Risch, Ian Comishin and Jim Z, Adam Yates, Andre Preto, Darryl Freeman, every one I met on my trips and all my Australian brothers and sisters !!!