Name: Sabrina Ambrosi

Age: 30

Set up: Topmount 36 Borg series (reformed), Ypy Precision Trucks (brazilian), Venom bushings (green, purple and red depending on the hill), Flat washers, Orangatang Kegel 80a Wheels (most of the time), Red Bones bearings and Lock Footstop.

Home: Where my heart is, but currently living in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

If the world as we know it were to suddenly come to an end from an over population of sea monkeys, what would you do in your final hours?

     I'd just call my alien friends to bum a ride and go for a skate sesh in Mars till they're done... But I guess that's what anyone in their right mind would do.

If you could cross breed any animal to get their best qualities and be it for a day, what would it be and what would you call this majestic creature.

     I'd be a panther, with the sight and wings of an eagle (maybe bigger wings tho haha) and the brains of a dolphin. And I'd be called "Dafuck".

If you were trapped on an island and could bring on one member from the kebbek team for survival, who would it be and why?

     Well, I'd love to be able to make a more informed decision but since I've already met Juergen and he's great at survival (or at least good enough to survive me bumping into him while entering a gnarly curve without his leathers) I guess I'd choose him for now... Hope I get to meet of all the team soon so I can choose fair and square.

Finish this sentence; I jumped out of a window and landed safely in a pile of….

     Political Promises

Is science or art more essential to humanity?

     wow... breathing or eating? thinking or feeling? hmmmm, pass!

Favorite deck of all time?

      My first one, she introduced me to this wonderful world and I'll be forever grateful to her (in Spanish the word "tabla" is feminine so all my boards are girls).

Who have you looked up to in downhill skateboarding? 

    My first influences were though videos I'd see in youtube. Louis Pilloni was my idol, followed by James Kelly as far as freeriding and stand up sliding goes; Kevin Reimer was who I looked up to when it came to racing technique, I've always thought he was impecable and still use his pics and videos as a reference; and finally my national idol and the person that I though could do it all, Luca Dragone (AKA Haleiwa), with whom I get the honor of training nowadays when I'm in San Luis. Those four shaped me as a rider and most of them are still the embodiment of whom I wanna be sportwise.