Jim made Kebbek great and then got out of Montreal when his addiction to the Quebecoise was starting to take over his addiction to skating good hills. Undoubtedly one of the most respected downhillers to race and design skateboard product, Jim has made a permanent mark on skateboarding that we should all be grateful for. Jim is back in BC riding pow in the winter, skating in the summer and making Speedparts for us all.


What’s your full name?

James P Ziemlanski

Where and when were you born?


Comox BC

When did you start riding skateboards?


When was your first time on a longboard and what setup were you riding?

'97 Shnitzles highway boards

Who were your early downhill influences if any?

Chaput, Caveman, Hardwick, Biker, Rat, DT, Flindt, Kludy, and all those California TVS - EDI guys. They were on TV and the guys I met at the races when I first started going.

Best spot you skated?

If there is one "best" spot it might ABQ.

What is your ideal session like?

Great sessions burn memories and don't injure

Who’s your favorite rider to watch on video?

Not sure, I watched Kibbling go under a guard rail over breakfast this morning. It was expertly executed. 

Do you have a blog or website?, shoot the url:


What percentage your Facebook friends you have never met?

I've never met any of my facebook friends.

Favorite meal?

Anything without pesticides or hormones added.

Favorite beer?

Darker stuff, Nelson Brewery makes some delicious ales.

What music makes you want to go skate?

Good health and great weather.

Any musical guilty pleasure you are ashamed of?


Can you drop in a vert ramp?


What is your favorite setup right now and why?

I'm diggin Max's board right now.

What’s that little thing you do to your setups that makes them feel way better?

Tight hardware, fresh grip and good spacers.

What's the best race you've attended and why?

Geeze, been way too many. 

Anyone you want to thank?

All the positive people out there.