Age:22 years old
Home Town: Montreal
Skate Set up: Kebbek topmount with split angles and slippery wheels

Accomplishments: I had a lot of fun in a lot of places and never managed to hurt myself

Fave Skate Destination: I have no favorite skate destination. I love riding home as much as in hawaii or west coast. I think it is the people you ride with and the mood you are in that makes a good ride

If you were trapped on an island and could bring on one member from the kebbek team for survival, who would it be and why?ben dubreui. because we would have great chances of survival and even if we don't we would have an awesome time.

Is science or art more essential to humanity? science

What would you love to find at a yard sale?vintage skateboards

What historical time period would you most like to visit?1960-70's because it was a really effervescent period. a lot of things were created and there were a lot of evolution socially or in arts