Jordan is not only an incredible transition skater, but a very creative person. We brought him on board this season as a collaborator for the dig deep deck because of his thorough knowledge of transition skate shapes and his creative passion and drive for all forms of expression. You will often find him scribbling in his note book and dreaming ideas. He helped with the concept of this shape and graphic. Dig deep into the concept of mis-placed urban animals. Struggling to survive in the urban environment left to make the most of their space. Sound like someone familiar?

Run and hide. you cant always escape, so when there is no where to hide DIG DEEP. Jordan "dig deep" Wells takes his transition beast of a board into the park and street.
Board rails have a number of purposes as well as set up styles. Jordan "Dig Deep" Wells describes the various ways to set them up, along with the do's and don'ts to get it right. Learn how Christian Hosoi and Duane Peters set theirs up!
Destroy pool block with the new Dig Deep pool shape. A collaborative project with Jordan "Dig Deep" Wells. Made with Canadian blood sweat & tears.
Dig Deep
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