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Most used board: John Barnet

What was, or is your favourite event? My favorite event is Kozakov. Amazing race and event.. .25 cents a beer

What are your goals for this year? My goal is for my life to keep going downhill

What are your friends and fans calling you? John or 101s

Where is your home, and your home away from home? I live in Toronto, Ontario 

When did you start riding skateboards? When I was 6 Thrashing just came out

What was your worst crash? My worst crash was when I tried to stick a fast corner, ended up taking a guard rail to the head, broke an Icaro, but can still kinda make sentences

What is your favourite place to skate? What is your ideal session? Favorite place to skate are the Dolomites in Italy. My idea session is Sun and 25 km of road in front of you

 Poison of choice? Maple Bacon

Favourite thing to do when not skating? My new favorite activity is smoking meat

Three most inspirational people in your life? Danny Way because he takes a beating and keeps skating. Matt K because its not easy to be a straight edge in skateboarding. Ian Comishin because where would downhill be without him.

Downhill skateboarding gives us the unique opportunity to search out our next skate location in some of the most unique and extreme places in the world. Be it in our own town, country or making our way slowly uncovering the globe to embrace each opportunity to hone our skills.