What’s your full name?
Jean-François Boily

Where and when were you born?
In Lac Saint-Jean on September 9 1973

When did you start riding skateboards?
In 1989 at theBunker skateboard club, my first set up was a Vision Ken Park, with indys and Vision Hurricanes

When was your first time on a longboard and what setup were you riding?
I was riding a big Dave and Pete 60 inches with Red Kryptosand Indy trucks, a present from my bud PG.

Who were your early downhill influences if any?

Best spot you skated?
Indian school Ditch

What is your ideal session like? 
Any session in Wesmount with all the team riders

Who’s your favorite rider to watch on video? 
Lately I watch way more cartoons then sk8 videos so i would say Rocket Power ...

Do you have a blog or website?, shoot the url:
ehh no.

What percentage your Facebook friends you have never met?

Favorite meal? 
Big fat juicy steak with french fries

Favorite beer?
Big fat Miller Draft

What music makes you want to go skate?
Iron maiden!

Any musical guilty pleasure you are ashamed of?  
None of your business!

Can you drop in a vert ramp?
Hell yeah!

What is your favorite setup right now and why
Cominshin-Boily, with 200mm x 10mm Jimz trucks and flywheels,  because I’ve been riding that combo forever and i feel really confy on it. It's really predictable.

What’s that little thing you do to your setups that makes them feel way better? 
Loosen my trucks as much as i can.

What's the best race you've attended and why?
Sandia all around challenge back in the days , it so fun to sk8 it all!

Anyone you want to thank?
PG to give me is passion to the sport, Jim and Ian to gave me the passion of speed and Dwayne for showing me to not be scared !