3- Where and when were you born?

Lima , Peru - 30 July 1988


4- When did you start riding skateboards?

Not sure, my mom has a pic of me riding a skateboard when im like 4


5- When was your first time on a longboard and what setup were you riding?

I was 13 - Using a Flex dex Jay Adams board, Kryptonic wheels and

independent trucks


6- Who were your early downhill influences if any?

Chris Chaput, Tom Edstrand,


7- Best spot you skated?

Devils Toy!!!!


8- What is your ideal session like?

Longboarding all day with friends!!


9- Who’s your favourite rider to watch on video?

Louis Pilloni


10- Do you have a blog or website?, shoot the url:

mm not really, but ill make one soon and let you guys know


11- What percentage your Facebook friends you have never met?



12- Favorite meal?



13- Favorite beverage?



14- What music makes you want to go skate?

nofx the decline


15- Any musical guilty pleasure you are ashamed of?

electro tropical?


16- Can you drop in a vert ramp?

fu@#ing rights i love to skating vert and going to skateparks


17- What is your favorite setup right now and why?

the niko board i just got, aera trucks and the sfu kyle martin wheels

are awesome


18- What’s that little thing you do to your setups that makes them feel way better?

Sometimes i go to sleep with them


19- What's the best race/event you've attended and why?

Maryhill 2009 was the best event! Riders from all over the world , great race.. going back soon for sure!


20- Anyone you want to thank?

Thanks to you and all the Kebbek team for always being nice with me, Cheers!!

Javier's deck of choice