Ian has been an unwavering influence in skateboarding since he started PM skateboards in 1992. this does not only extend to the technical innovations he contributed to downhill skateboarding, but he has supported some of the industries most recognized pro riders in his 25 years of supporting skateboarding.  

"When I joined the downhill community one of my first real exposures to Kebbek was the Revenger, a board strikingly similar to one of my favorite Rayne boards at the time, the Avenger. Inundated by greyham, I was at first put off by this cold war of boards without fully understanding the history of Kebbek or Ian Comishin. Many years later, more than a few phone calls with Ian, and a lot of trolling the web, nothing is more obvious to me than how deep Kebbek roots run in not only 'longboarding' but skateboarding as a whole. Without Kebbek, we might not have much of the product or Industry we have today. Ian and his vision of supporting skaters and skateboarding over the past 25 years have indelibly and formatively shaped skateboarding in the best ways possible. Congrats on 25 years and all the best for another 25 years of doing it your own way and telling everyone else to just tuck off!"
-Les Robertson President of Skate Slate magazine

Just a few of the technical innovations Ian put forward in downhill skateboarding is the CNC drop through, the progression of drop platform boards, and flushcut technology. All things that are seen as industry standards today. 

Watch and listen to what Ian has to say about what Kebbek stands for and continues to strive for in this video, Cult of Progression.