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Enjoy some optical euphoria as our team hunts for steep roads, sunshine, bright starts and cold rivers in Austria. Featuring pro riders Emma Daigle, Juergen Gritzner, Isac Printz and flow rider Benjamin Sabol. 



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How it's made: The Opalescent Story

Take a peek in our workshop to see how we make the colour changing magic of our 25th anniversary series.

Ben Dub drops something big...


History of the SmoothCut-A Drop Through Story



Skate hard and eat your veggies


25th Anniversary Series: Opalescence, a Limited Series

The colour shifting 25th anniversary series represents the change in all of us. The change we have been through in our 25 years of reimagining skateboarding, the change you have been through as skateboarding has undoubtedly transformed your life. Each skateboard is hand painted in-house with our custom formula of opalescent paint which echoes your colourful, ever-evolving personality. Visit for more info on our line up, and our history in skateboarding.






Juergen Gritzner Pro Model

Dangerous tail maneuvers, mini keyboards and the ill eagle. Listen to what Juergen has to say about his face melting pro model.

For when you need to do more than just skate

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Emma Daigle 


The Skatehouse series


Stay on the Pulse
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