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KebbeK John Barnet, Totem Series, Bottom View
KebbeK John Barnet, 20th anniversary Series, Bottom View
KebbeK John Barnet, Color Stain Series, Side View

If you're looking for something comfy to go fast and go big, look no further. With a small drop and a radial concave you can spend a lot of time learning new tricks and slides. Finding new ways to use the tail can be half the fun and landing in the 3D pockets feels really good. The pockets on this board actually have concave in them so you get the lock in of the pocket with added traction for your shoes. The rigid platform allows you to stay steady going fast, and stay strong when catching air. 

Length: 41"

Width: 9.85"

Kicks length: 2.75"

Wheebase: 29 - 30.5"

Effective Foot Platform: 25.25"

Drop: 0.6"

Concave: 0.5"

Features: 9/16" Canadian maple laminate, JB13 Concave, twin kicks, 0.6" lowered platform, old school mounting holes.