NAME : Emmanuelle Daigle

SPONSORS: Sickboard shop, Blood Orange Wheels, Paris Trucks
AGE : 26
HOME TOWN : Wherever I unpack. 
SKATE SET UP : Switchback, Paris Savants 50°, Blood Orange bushings and wheels.
FAVORITE SKATE DESTINATION : Norway and Hawaii...can't decide.

If the world as we know it were to suddenly come to an end from an over population of sea monkeys, what would you do in your final hours ? I would take my whole family and close friends to my log cabin by the lake upnorth (5 hours north of Montreal) where I spent my youth. There is no electricity, no tv broadcastings, no radio or phone noise pollution. Just woods, the shore and no humans for miles. The true meaning of R.I.P. 
If you could cross breed any animal to get their best qualities and be it for a day, what would it be and what would you call this majestic creature. 
A hawk for it's clear vision and intuition, Blended with an owl for it's capabilities of seeing in the dark, seeing what others do not see. All this to see things from a higher perspective. I would call it, Messenger. 
If you were trapped on an island and could bring only one member from the kebbek team for survival, who would it be and why ? AJ Powell. For good laughs, good conversation and his survival skills and intuition.
Finish this sentence; I jumped out of a window and landed safely in a pile of…Nutella. The only thing that would lure me into jumping out of a window...
Is science or art more essential to humanity ? ART. Because science has gone too far, and creativity needs to catch up. Kids don't learn how to express themselves without rules. 
Who inspires you and why? The marginals, thrashers, people who let their mind go, who are thirsty for change and something different, adventurers, lovers, poets, visionaries, dreamers, photographers, painters, writers. 
They inspire. They bring flavors and color to our daily life. 
What would you love to find at a yard sale ? Currently, an old type writer. I learned to type on one of those. I would hand in my "computer" written assignments in my early high school days written by typewritter because my family wanted to hold off bringing  a computer into our home. It was raw. Mistakes showed, corrections...I love everything about it.
What historical time period would you most like to visit ? The 70's. The changes...the experimentation's, womens liberation awareness, the colors, back-to-nature movement, the people coming together, believing in things. Union. 
If you could take anybody in the world for a platonic dinner, who would you take ? Catherine Destivelle...French rock climber and mountaineer. In 1992 she became the first woman to solo ascent the Eiger, North Face. When she climbs with no rope, she moves with grace and confidence. I would like to ask her how she keeps her focus and fluidity in such stressful situations.