Smoothcut 34

Smoothcut 34


Do you need something small and nimble to fit in your locker or cruise to get groceries? The  SmoothCut is a shorter longboard meant to weave between cars and people. This board is not limited to the urban environment. You can still charge fast runs as its drop through design makes it low and stable at speed. This board is great for beginners as its small size and stable ride makes it easy to maneuver and learn the basics on.

Length: 34 inches

Width: 9.3 inches

Wheelbases: 25 inch


 8 ply


Coming Soon
We have been making the SmoothCut for longer than many of you have been on this earth. Tune in with Crafty to hear how the SmoothCut became the 1st CNC made drop through, and how it changed the game.

Be a part of the Skatehouse Artist Series by Robbie Larviere