Who can deny a short cut in life? The quick rout to work, microwave instead of the oven, instant coffee V.S drip or a peek at your class mate’s algebra homework. Whatever your fast lane to success is, finally a short cut you don’t have to feel guilty about. Check out our new ShortCut Complete. 

Armed with Bear Trucks or Ace (130mm) and Tepakan Wheels (60mm). 




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Let this video of Jordan wells do the talking of what you can do with this board. 

This cruiser blurs the lines between a "go to the store and grab milk" board, and a street/park deck. Don't let its shape and length deceive you (30X7.75) its built with aggressive nose and kick tails, with a perfectly matched wheel base to maximise your ollie and park control.
Morning coffee routine made easy with the new ShortCut. Emma Daigle rips the Whistler Valley Trail to kick start her day.