Kalator Classic

Kalator Classic


We took 2 inches out from the legendary Flushcut mould, but we didn't take the fun out. Somehow we put more fun into this free-ride vessel. Getting you low to the ground, and locked in. It is stable at speeds yet ready to go sideways whenever you are. With an endless concave leading into the drop this board still holds one of the most intense pockets to produce in the longboarding world. If you don’t feel locked in, you should try this board. The concave holds 2.5 cans of beer so if you forgot your funnel, hopefully you didnít forget your skateboard.

Length:  40.0”

Width: 9.8”

Wheelbase: 30.0" to 31.5"

EFP: 23.6''

Features: Opalecent paint, 5/8" Canadian maple laminate, 1.25" drop, intense corner pockets, rigid platform.

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Watch AJ Powel chug 3 beers from the concave of THE Max Erwin (same concave as the Kalator Classic)