Isac Printz

Isac Printz


Isac has been our Swedish am for years, and we are honored to support him as a new pro rider this season.  He fell in love with the Rockin Rookie back in the day, which is why we have reissued the legacy deck for this pro model this season. We began to push the importance of top mount set ups with the release of this board in 2008. Inspired by the slalom skaters and their growing dominance at hills like Maryhill we put together a shortened wheel-base board that can hold its own at full speed yet be ready to dodge yappy Shitzus who jump out in front of you as you skate to the corner store for a box of rubbers.

Length:  38.0”
Width: 9.8”
Wheelbase: options from 27.0" to 30.0

Features: Opalescent paint, 8 ply, Wheel wells

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