Emma Daigle Switchback

Emma Daigle Switchback


Need a downhill deck that can fit in a checked bag for a trip? Emma needed a board that could tackle any  condition, but small and light to fit her traveling lifestyle. We made it stable by adding a radial drop. We made it light by adding fiber glass and reducing the core. We made it great by putting a lot of love into it. Enjoy and keep moving. 

Available in two graphics: The Bio-Suit Series and  The Outdoors Series


Length: 33.5 inches

Width: 9.5 inches

Wheelbase: 24 to 25.5 inches

Radial drop 0.25 Inch

 7 ply with top and bottom Fibreglass

Coming Soon
Emma lives a life of travel, adventure and skateboarding. Open up the recent issue of Concrete Wave Magazine to read the cover story on her creative lifestyle.
You don't have to be still to still your mind. Emma Daigle's everyday meditation in motion.