Name: Benjamin dubreuil

sponsors: Gull Wing Trucks, RAD Wheels
Age: 25
Home Town: rivière à Claude
Skate Set up: kebbek topmount 38 ben dubreuil ,gullwing trucks, rad wheels, 

Accomplishments: Skated some wicked places accros the seas, built couple cabins and create. Shred some powder, meet the nicest people and smiles through the adrénaline rushes. Giving and enjoying Life.

Favorite Skate destination:Mt Fuji, North Carolina, duffie, giant head, base 2, piste de luge, 16 île, Westmount, vt, hawaii, so many more. I would like to do a sailing trip to the azores to skate and explore.

Ben lives a mysterious life in the woods, and it's important for him to stretch his resources. Tune in to see the various ways he likes to use his new pro-model, and get inspired to do the same. #kebbekturns25
Ben Dub lives in the bush and needs his skateboard for more than just skateboarding. So we made him a deck to accommodates his lifestyle of digging for treasure, cutting down trees and body surfing.
Ben Dub takes some crazy fast sidewalk lines in Montreal. This is why every downhill deck needs a kick tail.