Your Sponsors: Kebbek, Matt Kienzle hooks me up with Paris trucks and Max Dubler hooks me up with Venom bushings.

Most used board: Snaker & Kalator

What was, or is your favourite event? I'm gonna call it a tie between Ditch Slap and the Maryhill Freerides

What are your goals for this year? Turn Montreal Bomb Jam into a monthly event, invite more groms.

What are your friends and fans calling you? My true fans are all incarcerated, but my friends call me Big A.J.

Where is your home, and your home away from home? Montreal and Winooski or a Hammock by a hill.

When did you start riding skateboards? In high school, so 2002.

What was your worst crash? Vernon DHX 2007, took too much weight off my wheels going way too fast in the crash corner. I hit the hard Alfalfa bales (much harder than hay bales) & fractured the malleolus of my Tibia and Fibula. That hurt.

What is your favourite place to skate? What is your ideal session? My ideal session consists of myself with 3 friends all down to pay for taxi runs in Westmount. 4 runs & done. Then play ninjas in the boneyard.

Poison of choice? Look What the Cat Dragged In was there best album...but I'm not a big fan of Glam Rock.

Favourite thing to do when not skating? Mushroom hunting

Three most inspirational people in your life? Darryl Freeman, Jason Mitchell and JM Duran